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The art of storytelling is personal 

And so is your booking

I  won't bore you with the unessential details on how I got here, or even why I chose photography as a primary art form.

As weddings and portraits are an undeniably personal and intimate affair, and most often once in a lifetime experience, it's probably best you know a little about me too.


If you've made it here, you're interested, and I'm ecstatic about that!.


Who am I?

I'm a creatively driven, deeply passionate image maker and visual storyteller who has worked in a variety of related industries, and even stole myself a first class degree in Photography later in life.

I'm a co-founder at bespoke photography studio - The Light Room, where I spend my days geeking over fine art details, new tech, style & trends, with two amazing photographers who love to explore light as much as I do.


I'm very lucky to have them, and the fruits of our hard work exploring a hugely developing fast changing field.

Basically, this shared knowledge comes with me to your special day.



Why choose me?

You're not just another job to me, I don't pack in wedding after wedding so you have as much time as you need from me, and the quality of my work doesn't suffer.

I'm not the 'professional' who picked up a camera just to shoot weddings a few years ago.

I began in the dark room days, and I still love it!

My own father is a lifelong photographer, it really is in my blood, and my creative bones.

I listen to you! 

Despite having my own style, I don't dictate, I collaborate.

If I haven't done it already, I will move mountains to make sure you get exactly what you want. 

Talk time pre-wedding isn't limited, I want to know everything if you want to tell me.


How do I make sure your day is totally secure?

If for any highly unfortunate reason I can not make it (hasn't happened yet) 

I have two experienced, top portrait and wedding photographers for you to choose from ready to turn up at a moment's notice.

I have backup equipment, insurance etc

I check with the venue first, visit where possible, get there early, and I never disappear on the clock.

If you don't choose me, please use this as a checklist and cover yourself.


The Mission

I do like to know a little about your backstory.

Why? It helps me feel less like a stranger, and I get better results. 

I have years of experience working in a large variety of fast paced environments with all generations, and amongst a large variety of wonderfully unique cultures.

I'm immediately friendly, relaxed, and open, and carry this attitude into candid portraits which I can't get enough of!


You may find me amongst the crowd getting close to the action, talking to guests as I shoot, or stepping back to observe, manoeuvre around and compose interesting shots.

You won't find me directing people around, unless its ultimately necessary (group shots), or you request a certain vision.


The Vision
No wedding is the same

A confident traveller and all around culture vulture, there's little I love more than an adventure into the unknown. 

Whether you are both settling down to a family or embarking on a wild journey. 

If you are feeling like I could be the photographer for you, I regard your day as a beautiful adventure from start to finish, shooting the sights, smells, sounds and emotions and considering each moment unique.  

Not to mention those backstage moments, so you can relive the little things, hidden smiles, tears, and moments missed.


My Approach

My style of photography captures the unscripted, authentic story, one of fleeting moments unique to the emotions, feelings, tastes, smells, and sounds. This means you can relive the narrative from beginning to end, whilst I capture everything you missed in-between living in the moment, and all its unique beauty.


You can ask me anything, time is short and day is precious, be honest and bold, nothing can shock me and I'm happy to hear all your requests however unusual and unique.

You might feel inspired by a last minute idea, or you might just need a hand. 


Whether that's climbing on a van to get the best group shot, or helping your mother in-law piece together her dress, I'm there on hand to help where I can.

I'm friendly and approachable, and always happy to experiment with new trends try out something new to get that incredible shot.

My approach ensures it's not only captured with honesty, but one genuine to your day as it unfolds, as opposed to a series of orchestrated shots that don't mirror the free flow of extraordinary events and precious moments between your family and friends.

Weddings today are fast evolving with many unconventional, untraditional, and even less formal styles, with couples more inclined to break the rules, and make create their own significance, whilst exchanging their very own love vows.

This is not to say traditions are cliche, nor am I the first to observe that dresses, shoes, flowers or even music will be outdated over time, and yet it's probably true.

As fading memories become precious, the photographs become the only way to relive that once in a lifetime event when all your favourite people are together, in celebration.

Moments that give weddings their magic are often unseen as the formalities take centre stage, the whisper in the ear, the cheeky giggles in the corner of the room. 

 I'll pay attention to those moments which all eyes are on, walking down the aisle, crowds whooping and cheering after the final vow, that all important first kiss, whilst making sure not to miss the older generations hidden at the back of the room. 


My style ensures that you get images that are timeless, real, and unique to every elopement.


Real Weddings

Less Cliché


A good photograph for me is one with thoughtful composition, good light, and great timing, but also one that can elicit emotion, evoke nostalgia, or a significant feeling.

There are endless nuances that can interact and affect the resulting image during the seconds in which it's taken, and many I've studied that inspire my work, such as Tish Murtha or Francesca Woodman, Cindy Sherman or Vivian Mair, or even a trip to the cinema to catch my favorite director.


If I'm honest, my wish would be to be invisible, moving about the crowd seamlessly without disturbing the moment. I understand how obtrusive it can be and how the intrusive a camera can be.

Though I try not to interfere with the natural flow, there are times when the scene develops due to the camera's interaction and for those guests whose exhibitionist is waiting to get out.  

With years of experience as a publican, teacher in a foreign country, and a journalist, working around people I've never met comes naturally to me, in fact, I thrive in this environment. 

To make people feel at ease around me as I work like a ninja ducking and diving with the camera in hand, is part of the skill.


Because I spend less time directing, it allows me to be entirely immersed in your day and everything happening around me, which means I shoot more unexpected moments.

I only really stop to catch my breath, its just how much I love the lens, and hate to miss out on that perfect shot!


Your booking means a lot to me, from the details about your special day to the generations and precious guests you invite. 

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